Fifth class- Using social media

I was a bit hesitant of this brief at the start but when we analysed the situation I quickly discovered how people were connected, had opinions and shown interested in the #metoo trend. This brief has come at a focal point in our lives and society. It has had a positive global impact on society and became an event in history. Once you stop to appreciate how the world is constantly evolving around you, you see the pattern changes in scociety.

Our society;

In older times, the catholic church had all the power in Ireland. Over time, the power transferred to the people. RIP to the 1950's housewife, this is a new world & your phenomenons no longer exist. Unwritten rules are being broken all the time- no more dress codes for men or women, gay marriage is legal. Mental health is openly being discussed, sexual health too. Taboo no more, Abortion in Ireland is currently up for debate. Would you believe that since 1970, 184,000 women travelled from Ireland to the UK for abortion?

Why on …

Fourth class- Televisions in Kitchens?!

In our fourth class we had another classroom based discussion, this time on technology in relation to last week's reading on McLuhan. Media is not a tool, it becomes part of us - an extension of what we can do. This is quite a motivational quote, He also uses a hammer to explain his theory. Whilst he never saw a computer, he seemed to be ahead of his time and had concerns of the relationship people had with their technological devices.

We had a broad discussion on technology and how it has evolved and changed how we live our lives, discussing the relationships between ''tools'' then and now. We have a variety of people of all ages and backgrounds, who had an enriched opinion on the topic. Some people grew up in different countries and others in a different era. 
John spoke briefly on his experiences; The TV was something only wealthy people had in their homes, there may have only been one TV in the neighbourhood. Whereas one of the students never had a TV in the h…

Third class- Sitearm Madonna

For our third class we were joined with a group of BAVA students from Sherkin Island. We had a guest lecturer called Sitearm Madonna, a man from America who is an Engineer in real life. Sitearm has used Second Life for 10 years and is very familiar with the app. He presented a slideshow to us by using google docs- this gave me an insight as to how to go about presenting in second life. He also had created a poster display on the wall which was a good visual but difficult to read in the second life app as the screen warped the writing.

Sitearm's lecture was on team building, we explored the various roles and stages in group project work. He had an interesting perspective on the leadership role within a group; while one person may take charge at the start of the project it's up to the group to make necessary changes in roles when needed to make continuous progress. We also spoke about conflict and the barriers within a group in an online environment. You wont be able to read si…

Our Second Class; Meeting people in SL

Our second class;

Do you read the newspaper? Do you believe what you read? How do you know if it's real and accurate information or complete jargon? We had an interesting discussion on sources and whether to believe what we read or not. Our lecturer John was quite surprised to find not many of us read the news paper. I could sense a disappointment in his tone because ''reading the paper'' has been a tradition for years which has been lost along the way of generation and smartphones. I'll admit as a typical 90's kid - Google is my go to place for research. If I want to know something's genuine - I'll find other websites with the same information for a second opinion.

I was faced with a daunting challenge in this class;I missed the Facebook alert before class letting us know to prepare ourselves as we had to do an elevator pitch- confession number one- I didn't know what this was until John briefly explained. I was so nervous thinking about what I w…

missing meetings but meeting lecturers

Can't go to the meeting? Bring that meeting to you!
Missing meetings but meeting lecturers; This week John scheduled a meeting in Real Life which I couldn't attend. Thankfully I got a chance to participate in Second life. John taught the students in person on campus, whilst I attended online. I really appreciated being able to attend my lecture, I wish this was an availability for other modules!

Meeting John- 9th of October;  The meeting was a brief introduction, a chance for John to meet and greet his new bunch of students for Semester one 2017/18. He gave us a tour of the DIT online campus and spoke briefly about the module entails.

Our first class;  Classroom based lecture- 11th of October
We met John in second life in the DIT Campus. He spoke a little more on the module and the breakdown of assessment. John encouraged us to become familiar with teleportation, flying and socialising in Second Life. He also gave us a to-do by next class. Bartek created our Facebook group for us…

a brief induction - please stop drowning me

Welcome to Second Life!
What I expect; When the opportunity arose to participate in an online class called virtual realities, I hadn't really got a clue what to expect. I chose this module because I was quite intrigued by having an option to participate in an online class, which I felt was quite modern and very interesting. I initially thought we would participate in Skype conference video calls with lectures analysing the pros and cons of social media sites like Facebook and Instagram- what you post on Facebook vs what you do in reality, assessing the lives of you tube sensations and bloggers who've made careers out of their hobbies.

Our first class; 4th of October I had missed a couple of days of college, I downloaded the app and created my avatar just in time for our first session. I chose my nickname as my user name and created a character that I felt looked like me, then met the class at the DIT location. Our lecturer John or 'Accupa' never arrived to class, he mus…